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Billie is a specialist support coordinator with 15 years of experience in community services. She brings specialized expertise in neurodivergence, neurological and chronic pain disabilities, mental health child and family services. Living with a disability herself, she understands the unique challenges faced by her clients.

Billie holds a Diploma in Community Services Work and a Bachelor's in Human Services Work, which equips her to navigate the complexities of the NDIS effectively. As a specialist NDIS support coordinator and recovery coach, her role involves working closely with participants to develop, implement, and monitor their NDIS plans, ensuring they receive the necessary support to achieve their goals. Billie assists in connecting clients with appropriate services, advocating on their behalf, and providing ongoing support to navigate the NDIS system. Additionally, she focuses on empowering clients in their recovery journey, fostering independence, and building resilience.

Beyond her professional life, she has a deep passion for nature, art alternative music, and reading, and she cherishes the joy of parenting her three children. Her personal and professional experiences drive her commitment to helping others overcome obstacles and achieve their goals, providing tailored support to make life’s journey a little easier.

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Billie-Jo Noonan

Specialist Support Coordinator
(07) 3130 6810