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Meet Aijo Jacob

About Us

Having worked for about 18 years in coordinating community services for individuals and families through direct and indirect practices, I have gained rich experience in providing support services for individuals with disabilities that foster dignity, independence, and confidence. This experience, along with my qualification in social work and community sector management, has given me a good understanding of how to work with and enable people to achieve their best possible levels of personal and social-well being.

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Our Expertise

Having worked as a disability support worker, I have directly helped people attain their goals without compromising my duty of care. I directly engaged with the participants, their circle of support, and other stakeholders in facilitating the participants' participation in their community. 

As a team leader, I was responsible for updating my own knowledge and orienting my team on the NDIS systems, standards, and restrictive practices, to ensure the provision of a standard quality of service. I was accountable for providing services according to the plan within the budget in a professional manner. Providing respite services to over 30 participants with complex needs, I have gained experience in implementing systems and managing teams that support continuous improvements towards excellence in services.   

As a service manager, I was responsible for the overall operational leadership of multiple complex specialty disability accommodation homes. Through this role, I effectively carried out organisational processes through stakeholder management, monitoring operational and financial performance, and addressing constraints and conflicts. I ensured that the site managers and frontline workers were clear on their deliverables and had adequate resources, authority, knowledge, and skill to perform their roles with the best possible outcome.

As the state manager for a national organisation, I was responsible for providing transformational leadership to inspire a client led culture and influence the strategic direction across state operations in Queensland. 

I strongly believe that disability can and should be a possibility through a strength based approach and the provision of the right environment for individuals. I welcome openness in my relationship with the participants and their stakeholders. I respect the individuality, choice, and control of every individual in their life as their right.  

Our Passion

I am passionate about empowering and enabling people for a better quality of life. 

I am  proud to have been a positive influence for many people in disability services over the course of my career. I value relationships, commitment, fairness, respect, and inclusion.
As a Sirv Partner, I will be leading the operations to develop Sirv as the leading service provider in the Greater Brisbane region that offers complex and personalised care to people with disabilities. 




All specialised services will be provided across the Greater Brisbane region.

Our Capability

At Sirv, we take time and effort to get to know you, your circumstances, and your goals. We are very particular about matching you up with a support specialist whose interests and personality are compatible with yours. By providing high quality care and support services, we aim to make a positive impact on the lives of those in the community who need it most.

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