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Meet Lewis Drinkwater

About Us

Hi there!

I’m Lewis. I am an experienced and motivated manager and Registered Nurse with a passion for developing teams and optimising outcomes for our participants. I live a purposeful life – at home with my family and at work. I bring a sense of meaning and purpose to everything I do, and I strive to instil these values in those around me.  Along with this sense of meaning, I possess a wealth of leadership and management experience gained over the last 12 years in and out of the NDIS sector. Myself and my team all share one thing in common – we believe in the work we do.

Let us show you!

Our Expertise

We provide a wide range of support services, all of which are guided by proven leadership ability and clinical understanding. Our expertise is found in our ability to provide high-quality safe supports which are tailored to your needs.

My experience as an NDIS manager has given me a strong understanding of the skills and training requirements needed to provide top-quality care and supports. I have a deep knowledge of the NDIS skills descriptors and strive to ensure the NDIS code of conduct guides all areas of my practice.

As a registered nurse, I understand the importance of being a positive and engaging stakeholder. Having worked with multidisciplinary teams of allied health professionals both in and out of the NDIS sector, I understand the complexities and nuances of a large variety of physical and psychosocial disabilities, and the skills/resources required to support such individuals.

Due to the wealth of experience myself and the team in the Hunter brings, we have the unique ability to be committed and adaptable to your needs.

Our Passion

Our passion for developing strong individuals and strong teams will mean that the person-centered supports you receive will be delivered by good people who are not only competent but who love the work they do. Our passion is having meaning, and our meaning is our passion.




Our Team works in the geographic areas of Hunter Valley, Newcastle, Upper Hunter, Port Stephens & Central Coast

Our Capability

Our team is intrinsically motivated and passionate and therefore they are adaptable to your needs.

Our team is experienced in providing complex supports to participants with needs matching the NDIS high-intensity skills descriptors – Including bowel care, catheter care and complex manual handling.

Further to this, we are capable of supporting participants with psychosocial disabilities, including those with forensic backgrounds.
We also have staff who are experienced in both SIL and ILO + Support Coordination in multiple locations.

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